Jane rig

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Jane rig

Alex Frozd
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Jane is the second character in the lineup of the rig I designed.

First: https://gumroad.com/l/fSlXi


- Advanced facial setup with autocollision of the mouth.

- Arms, legs: IK/FK switching and snapping.

- Spine: convenient combination of inverse and forward kinematics with additional controllers to simulate breathing.

- The bones are tuned to mirror the poses. (does not work if you use custom properties from the Options panel (you need to select the bone property carrier))

- Inverse kinematics for the fingers.

- A functional Option panel that saves time when working with limbs.

- Convenient panel for selecting rig layers.

- Ability to speed up animation playback by disabling unnecessary modifiers.


- Animation optimized model (27,532 faces).

- Full body modelled

- The set of clothes includes: t-shirt, jeans, shoes and dress.

- Unwrapped


- The scene is organized in accordance with the current standards.

- Model with rig is ready to be linking in any scene!


- When snapping FK and IK, there is a slight displacement of the bones. This is almost imperceptible, but with a large number of switches, the offset accumulates. I recommend clearing rotation and location whenever possible.

- The curvature of the limbs does not allow changing the curvature by changing only the transformation of the bone, you will have to use the additional properties of the options panel.

- Cloth simulation of dress works when activated, but for the collision to work, you need to restart the file.

Changes from 2020/12/05:

Now it is possible to select the parent bone for inverse kinematics of the arms (shoulder, chest, root).

For Jim and Jane, the main bone is named now simply «ROOT».

Jane's skeleton is now named «RIG_Jane» (previously named «RIG_Jame»)

Updated manual (added post about mirroring poses)

Changes from 2020/12/07:

Select the parent bone for arms is now split for inverse and forward kinematics

Changes from 2021/01/25:

Now you can block the rotation of the wrist in Ik mode.

Added controllers for lips when they in zip mode.

Changes from 2021/03/10:

All custom properties now work with library overrides.

The rig interface script is now linked with the rig.

I want this!
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